ECG 301 – Cardio track – 3


  • Colour TFT display.
  • The high resolution hot array output system is adopted.
  • Recording paper width 80mm, can record clear and accurate three uncompressed ECG waveform and lead mark, sensitivity, paperspeed, filter and other states.
  • 3 or 6 or 12 lead synchronous acquisition, Synchronous amplification, three track record. The daily consumables are greatly saved.
  • The of a unique high precision digital filter eliminates baseline drift and other disturbances, does not distort the ECG waveform, greatly improves the baseline drift and facilitates waveform interpretation.
  • The electrode with bad content can be accurately determined and the corresponding position can be indicated.
  • The design conforms to the IECI type CF safety standard, and the ECG amplifier is fully floated and is especially safe.
  • With AC and DC dual purpose power supply mode, the machine is installed with environmental charging battery, and has a special battery charging circuit and a perfect battery management and protection system.
  • A flexible out print format.
  • Standard external input / output interface and Rs232 communication interface.